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Examples of Letters and essays

Business Letter Closings Posted on 2011-01-10 01:51:17
* All best wishes, * All best, always, * Always in my thoughts, * As always, with affection, * As usual, * As ever, ...
Love Letters Posted on 2011-01-07 13:18:36
The following sample love letters will give you some ideas of what to write in a love letter. Long Distance Love Letter Dear _______, Ev...
Autobiography Posted on 2011-01-07 13:15:55
An autobiography is a detailed account of a person"s life written by the person himself/herself. How to write an autobiography is entirely a...
Congratulations Messages Posted on 2011-01-07 01:37:31
Congratulations messages allow us to celebrate another person"s accomplishment. Sometimes it"s difficult to know what to write in a congratu...
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