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Examples of Synecdoche


Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-01-14 01:50:58
Synecdoche is a figure of speech which expresses either more, or less, than it literally denotes. When a whole is used as the part or a part of a thing is put for the whole


* "The world treated him badly."
The whole world did not treat him badly only a part. - The whole is used as the part

* "Twenty sails came into the harbor."
Meaning twenty ships came into the harbor. - A part is used for the whole

More examples:

A part referring to the whole
* Referring to people according to a single characteristic: "the gray beard" for an older man or "the long hair" for a hippie. This leads to bahuvrihi compounds.
* Referring to animals onomatopoetically
* Describing a complete vehicle as "wheels"
* Calling a worker "a pair of hands"
* Before and during the Cold War, the Soviet Union was commonly referred to by its largest and most well-known member, Russia.

A whole thing referring to a part of it
* "The city posted a sign," which means that an employee of the local government (but not the geographic location or all of its residents) posted a sign
* "Capitol Hill," when referring to the US Legislature

A general class name used to denote a specific member of that or an associated class
* "truck" for any four-wheel drive vehicle (as well as long-haul trailers, etc.)
* "He"s good people."
A specific class name used to refer to a general set of associated things
* "John Hancock" for the signature of any person
* "bug" for any kind of insect or arachnid, even if it is not a true bug
* a genericized trademark, for example "Coke" for any variety of cola or "Kleenex" for any variety of tissue

The material that a thing is made of referring to that thing
* "steel" for a sword
* "willow" for a cricket bat or "pigskin" for an American or Canadian football
* "wood" for a type of club used in the sport of golf
* "irons" for shackles placed around a prisoner"s wrists or ankles to restrict their movement
* "plastic" for credit cards
* "lead" for bullets
* "silver" for flatware or other dishes that were once made of silver metal
* "rubber" for a condom
* "threads" for clothing

A container is used to refer to its contents
* "barrel" for a barrel of oil
* "keg" for a keg of beer

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